Behavior Policy

The following infractions will be subject to EID disciplinary actions: lunch detention, suspension, and/or expulsion. The consequence will be based on the severity or frequency of the infraction.

Leaving Campus without Permission
On November 14, 1995, the Board of Education adopted a closed campus policy for all high schools. Students may not leave campus during any part of the school day without permission from the attendance office and a blue slip, with the exception of participating in education programs on other campuses. Leaving campus without permission or a blue slip will be classified as a truancy.

Loitering on School Grounds
The law requires everyone who visits any campus to get permission from an administrator. Students should be aware that if they are on any site other than their own school of enrollment without approval of that site's administration, they can be classified as loiterers, and arrested for school trespass.

Loitering on Private Property
In order to maintain cordial relationships with our neighbors and to provide for the safety and security of our student body, students are asked to proceed directly to campus and not to loiter on private property that is adjacent to the school. Students who trespass on private property may be subject to arrest.

Misbehavior Going to and From School
Students may be subject to disciplinary action as well as criminal investigation by the School Police Officer for any form of misbehavior in the process of going to and from school.

Public Displays of Affection
Excessive displays of affection such as kissing and body touching are inappropriate on campus or at school-related activities. The Construction Tech Academy has a hand holding only policy. Students engaged in excessive displays of affection will be referred to administration for appropriate action.

Grooming and Grooming Products in the Classroom
No grooming products are to be used inside the classroom. Nor are they to be visible to teachers or other students. (Examples: lotions, perfume/cologne, make-up, brushes, picks, etc.)

Activity Disruption
Anyone involved in disruption or refusal to follow the directions of staff in all areas of school facilities, during outside events, or on transportation vehicles which are sponsored and supervised by school personnel, will be suspended from future events for the season/term. This includes athletic events, special events on or off campus, all school transportation, assemblies, halls and school grounds, cafeteria, lunch areas, etc. Depending on the situation, referral to school police may be necessary.

Birthday Bashing
Anyone involved in birthday bashing on the way to or from school or at school will be referred to the principal for disciplinary action.

Students who defy the authority of any staff member, or refuse to follow his/her directions, will be referred to the principal for disciplinary action.

Any student who deliberately disrupts or hampers instruction can be removed from the class immediately and referred to the principal for disciplinary action. Any item deemed distractive or unsafe may be confiscated by school personnel.

Drug Abuse
Possession or use of narcotics, dangerous drugs, or alcohol is a violation of the law. Students will be suspended and may be arrested for involvement with, or possession of, narcotics, dangerous drugs, or alcohol. Sellers of drugs will be recommended for expulsion from San Diego City Schools. Cases will be referred to the school police.

Extortion or Threats
Any student involved in obtaining money or other possessions of value through the use of intimidation or violence will be suspended and a school police contact will be required.

Fighting is strictly forbidden. Students who fight will be referred to the administrator and complex police officer for disciplinary action. The School Police Officer will assist and arrest if necessary. The Board of Education has declared a Zero Tolerance Policy for acts of violence in San Diego City Schools. The third offense of fighting within one year shall require attendance in the Zero Tolerance Program for a minimum of one semester.

Possession or Use of Weapons
The Board of Education has declared a Zero Tolerance Policy in San Diego City Schools. All students who possess a firearm, knife, explosive or any other dangerous object in school shall be immediately suspended and recommended for expulsion. When students violate appropriate Education Code and Penal codes referenced by this policy, they will be charged, arrested, and taken to a juvenile detention facility or county jail. (Penal Code 626.9 and 626.10)

Smoking or the Use of Tobacco Products
Possession or the use of tobacco products by any student on any part of the school grounds is against the law. Schools grounds include parking lots and adjacent sidewalks. Students found to be in possession of tobacco products will be suspended on the first offense. All school sites, school events, and district offices are designated as non-smoking facilities.

Any student involved in the theft or attempted theft of school or personal property will be referred to an administrator for disciplinary action. The complex police officer will also conduct an investigation and make an arrest if appropriate.

Anyone who maliciously damages school property is required by law to pay for these damages, up to $5,000. Immediate suspension and possible police contact may be required. (Penal Code 594)

Gambling in any form is prohibited by state law. Gambling is defined as wagering or betting money on the outcome of any activity. The possession by students of gambling devices such as dice, cards, and dominoes is prohibited.

Students are prohibited from engaging in any verbal, visual, or physical conduct directed toward any individual that has a negative impact upon the individual's emotional, social or academic performance. Students will be held to the district Discrimination and Harassment Policy.

Profanity and Offensive Language
Students will use acceptable and appropriate language and must refrain from obscene, vulgar language, gestures, or racial, ethnic, and sexist slurs. Inappropriate language and gestures will not be tolerated. Students who use inappropriate language and gestures will be referred to the counselor or administrator for disciplinary action.

Sexual Harassment
The San Diego Unified School District prohibits sexual harassment as defined in the Education Code to mean unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature made by someone from or in the educational setting. Any student wishing to make a complaint should immediately report the incident to a teacher, counselor or principal.

Honesty Policy
The staff and students of the Construction Tech Academy agree that honesty and integrity are the core of the educational process. Therefore, the following policy has been drafted to address and define these issues:

  1. - Cheating on Tests: A student guilty of dishonesty such as requesting, giving, or receiving information on an exam or quiz will receive a zero grade on that work with no make up allowed. Additionally, the student will receive a citizenship grade of "Unsatisfactory" (U). The teacher will make a parent contact and advise the principal with a referral. If a second offense occurs during the same semester in the same class, the teacher may assign a semester academic grade of "F" for the course.

  2. - Plagiarism: Working together on assigned cooperative activities is encouraged for the mutual benefit of those participating students. However, a student guilty of plagiarism, i.e. copying any part of another's notebook, homework, or assignment, or copying textbooks, computer accessed documents, or any other published material, will receive a zero grade on the assignment with no make up allowed. Additionally, the student will receive a citizenship grade of "Unsatisfactory" (U). The teacher will make a parent contact and advise the principal with a referral. If a second offense occurs during the same semester in the same class, the teacher may assign a semester academic grade of "F" for the course.

  3. - Theft of Materials: A student guilty of stealing or using stolen test materials or altering a grade will be referred to an administrator. The student may face suspension, a failing grade for the semester, and removal from the class. A citizenship grade of "Unsatisfactory" (U) will be given for the semester.

Additional Rules:

Bathroom/ Hall Passes
Students will be issued two bathroom passes per term (9 weeks) in each class.

Electronic Devices
All Electronic devices (cell phones, walkmans, CD players, Ipods, pocket video games, beepers, headphones, etc.) must be turned off and stored out of visibility of teacher and other students inside the classroom. These items may not be seen, heard or noticed during class time. Students carry all electronic devices at their own risk. Any items that are confiscated from a student will need to be picked up by a parent and/or guardian.

Food/Drink/Gum in the Classroom and School Buildings: Students are prohibited from eating in the classroom and school buildings not designated as eating areas. Only water (in clear bottles) may be consumed in the classroom. Gum is not allowed in the classroom.

Student Backpacks/Purses: Students are required to remove all personal items, including backpacks and purses from the top of tables during classroom instruction. Only required classroom items, including but not limited to, writing utensils, notebook paper, calculators (not in phones) and books may be on the desktop during instruction.

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